Universities, health care providers embrace technology in similar ways

November 22nd, 2013

Dental hygiene academic software has additional benefits beyond the simple convenience of streamlining the student management process. A user-friendly and centralized enterprise system can also pave the way for significant improvements in how technology is incorporated into the entire educational program.

As it turns out, both the health care and higher education industries are experiencing similar growing pains. For instance, universities around the nation are looking for ways to reduce the cost of tuition amid the spread of student debt. Public institutions are also facing significant budget cuts as many states attempt to find ways to save money in the long run. Recent developments in federal legislation in regard to the way health care is provided for insured Americans have also emphasized the importance of cost savings and improvements to operational efficiency.

The important role of software in innovation
According to Bloomberg News, Eric Lefkofsky, the current CEO of the daily deals website Groupon, discussed the role of dynamic and flexible software in streamlining both medical and academic practices across the U.S at the recent "The Year Ahead: 2014" conference. The two-day event took place in Chicago and was hosted by the media company Bloomberg LP with the intention of examining trends in innovation and technology for the coming year. Lefkofsky insisted software will be the focus of many of the most successful developments in technology at higher education institutions and at medical clinics.

Dental hygiene schools are in an especially unique position to take the lead over the next several years by investing in high-quality enterprise management systems. Not only can these tools make it easier for administrators and faculty to more efficiently grade exams, gather information and track student progress through various programs, but they can also provide a necessary boost to the quality of education people receive.

The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area, a news publication serving both Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N.C., said many local colleges and universities have invested heavily in hands-on training facilities that allow medical students to develop real-world experiences that prepare them for the day-to-day tasks in their future careers. Oral hygiene programs can develop initiatives for students with advanced software for dental hygiene schools. With the ability to utilize electronic health records and gather research information with maximum convenience, these institutions open up new opportunities to train students for the professional world. 

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