Use dental academic software to relieve stressed out students

February 6th, 2014

Dental academic software provides students and administrators with a streamlined workflow that can help reduce stress, which is a growing problem at schools around the U.S.

With the constant advancement of medical science, the academic demands on dental students have become more focused , leading to increased level of stress, a study from the Journal of Dental Education suggested. The report's authors wrote that stress in students, a result of intense training, can lead to adverse outcomes in not only course work, but also health and overall well-being.

Another study from the University of Illinois on the effects of stress on students found that one of the leading side effects of a stressful workload is a loss in productivity. Additionally, researchers also discovered that nearly half of respondents were less confident,  and 40 percent had stopped enjoying their work altogether.

The detriments of stress, the study found, were not limited to a student's academic life. An overwhelming 74 percent of respondents agreed that the pressures of looming examinations and intense coursework negatively impacted their sleep schedules, which a report from the Journal of Adolescent Health claimed could lead to substance use, psychopathology, poor grades, dropout and subsequent unemployment. Additionally, the U of I study found that 45 percent of students admitted to feeling depressed, a direct result of the stressful environment.

Dentistry is a complicated science, which is why the training is so demanding, but it doesn't have to be. By using dental software, schools can alleviate stress in the following ways :

Automated Reports
One of the major benefits of dental school software is the included reports manager which helps reduce documentation by doing the work for the user. Students using the software will have access to mass archives of standard reports, not to mention dozens of custom options. Students and dentists will appreciate the analytical features, as well. With only a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, system users can track and measure clinical productivity, analyze recall retention rates and explore current demographic trends.

Electronic health records
Another benefit of  dental academic software is EHRs, which have grown in popularity  and are likely to be the standard before too long. According to a study from the Journal of the American Dental Association, more than 75 percent of dentists now use the technology in their practices.

Electronic dental records assist in optimizing overall workflow, from documentation to communication. Using the software in universities and school clinics, students can become familiar with the technology, learning the best practices and preparing themselves for what dentistry is likely to look like upon graduating.

As multiple studies have shown, students – and particularly those in dental schools – struggle under the weight of intense stress. Slipping grades and an inability to sleep are only a small sample of the negative impacts caused by stress. To lighten the load for overworked students, dentistry schools can invest in dental software.

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